lightly over the scar tissue. "It ain't so bad," she said.


'I have to go to a lesson. I am ashamed to tell you, but I teach music!'

lightly over the scar tissue.

'Music? But that is good. Only just one thing, Praskovya Mikhaylovna, I have come to you with a definite object. When can I have a talk with you?'

lightly over the scar tissue.

'I shall be very glad. Will this evening do?'

lightly over the scar tissue.

'Yes. But one thing more. Don't speak about me, or say who I am. I have revealed myself only to you. No one knows where I have gone to. It must be so.'

'Oh, but I have told my daughter.'

'Well, ask her not to mention it.'

And Sergius took off his boots, lay down, and at once fell asleep after a sleepless night and a walk of nearly thirty miles.

When Praskovya Mikhaylovna returned, Sergius was sitting in the little room waiting for her. He did not come out for dinner, but had some soup and gruel which Lukerya brought him.

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