you would say that," she said. "I can't believe that you,


She looked at his pale face and his quivering left cheek, and suddenly felt ashamed. She jumped up, seized her fur cloak, and throwing it round her shoulders, wrapped herself up in it.

you would say that,

'I was in pain . . . I have caught cold . . . I . . . Father Sergius . . . I . . .'

you would say that,

He let his eyes, shining with a quiet light of joy, rest upon her, and said:

you would say that,

'Dear sister, why did you wish to ruin your immortal soul? Temptations must come into the world, but woe to him by whom temptation comes. Pray that God may forgive us!'

She listened and looked at him. Suddenly she heard the sound of something dripping. She looked down and saw that blood was flowing from his hand and down his cassock.

'What have you done to your hand?' She remembered the sound she had heard, and seizing the little lamp ran out into the porch. There on the floor she saw the bloody finger. She returned with her face paler than his and was about to speak to him, but he silently passed into the back cell and fastened the door.

'Forgive me!' she said. 'How can I atone for my sin?'

She dressed hurriedly and silently, and when ready sat waiting in her furs. The sledge-bells were heard outside.

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